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If you need your vehicle moved in and out of Charlotte, you might want to consider hiring professionals. Flat Price Auto Transportation is a auto shipping company that aims to get your car to its destination in perfect condition. We have ports in all major cities and can get your vehicle to its designated location in no time and with no damage. Flat Distance Auto Transportation handles auto shipping on a nationwide level and can get your vehicle to or out of Charlotte effectively and with no hassle.

Flat Price Auto Company was founded in 2005 and has been working on providing not only a reliable and affordable auto transportation service Over the years we have helped countless clients with all their auto transportation needs, we have transported all kinds of cars. We transport cars, motorbikes, trucks, quads any vehicle you need.


Auto Transportation
Flat Price Auto Transportation ships your car to any location nationwide. We have various methods and options from you to chose from depending on your needs and on how much assurance you need. Flat Price Auto Transport aims to help our clients throughout the entire process and make sure they are in control of their vehicle from start to finish.

Our company has years of auto transportation experience, and has been helping our customers with the planning out of both route and adjusting the process to your timeframe. Our experienced staff also works with you to help you choose the auto shipping package that fulfill your specific needs.

We provide storage for your vehicle. We can store your vehicle ahead of time if you need it to be in a safe place while you handle other tasks. Our storage facilities are under constant surveillance and have security at all hours. You can be sure that your property is always secure in our storage facilities.

Door to Door transportation
Flat Price Auto Transport provides a door to door service. This means that your vehicle will be shipped directly to your home, workplace or any other location of your choosing. This is a great option if you are busy and cannot afford to go to our terminals to pick up your vehicle.

Terminal to terminal service
Flat Price Auto Transport also offers its terminal to terminal service. Terminal service are more flexible delivery that can be adapted to your timeline and also provides state of the art storage facilities for your vehicle. Ask about our services to see which one of our terminals is closest to you.

Open Car Transport
Open car transportation is a popular option when it comes to auto shipping, it is also the most economical. During open door transportation your vehicle is secured on the back of our car carriers. The vehicle is out in the open and will be exposed to the elements.

Closed car transport
If the security and potential road dangers present a problem to you and you want the peace of mind you can chose our enclosed auto transportation. Here your vehicle will be loaded onto our enclosed car carriers which provide protection from all potential outside threats as well as the elements.

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Is car transportation something that will make your stay in Charlotte beneficial? Then why not contact Flat Price Auto Transportation to get your vehicle to your new home. Our customer service will be there to explain every step of our auto shipping services. Call now and get a quote for your vehicle.

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