Car Shipment Preparation Suggestions – Vehicle Shipping Requires Preparation

Shipping a vehicle can seem quite daunting to anyone. Cars aren’t like boxes of chocolates or pieces of jewelry. They’re massive pieces of equipment. That means that transporting them from point A to point B is usually quite a project. It’s not something that can ever be an afterthought. If you need to ship your vehicle to another location, you have to plan in significant detail. You have to make sure your car is 100 percent ready for its big adventure, too. Otherwise, you could end up with problems and headaches you simply don’t need.

Wash Your Vehicle

If you want your shipping experience to go well, you should wash your car meticulously. You should assess it for any signs of problems, too. Examine its body carefully. Does it have any noticeable dings, scratches or dents? Is its paint fading? Look inside of the car, too. Be on the lookout for upholstery that looks tired and old. Your goal should be to ensure that everything is in the right place and that everything looks A-OK. Snap some photographs that can document the state of your vehicle. You want to be able to compare “before and after” pictures of your vehicle after its trip.

Take Out Any Important Belongings

Theft is always a possibility during the vehicle transportation process. It’s always an unpleasant possibility in general. If you want to protect yourself from theft risk, you should take any out items that may be important to you. It can be prudent to take out GPS (Global Positioning System) devices, alarm systems, DVD players and electronic devices in general. It can be smart to take out anything that means a lot to you. If you keep any beautiful and rare jewelry in your glove compartment, take it out. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Take Your Car in for Routine Maintenance

An appointment for professional maintenance service can be a great way to prepare for the vehicle shipment process. If your vehicle runs perfectly, schedule an appointment at a local automotive shop. Ask the mechanic who works on your car to look out for any possible leaks or mechanical troubles. Mechanical troubles can be a serious hassle during shipment. They can often even lead to lasting harm and postponements. Make sure your mechanic assesses your car’s fluids. Make sure he assesses the inflation of its tires. He should also evaluate its mileage and battery. It’s important to cover all of the bases.

Do Away With Any Loose Components

Take a long and hard look at the exterior of your car. If it has any loose components at all, do away with them. If you can’t take them off temporarily, you should secure them tightly instead. Loose components can be a major hazard during the shipment process. Take your antenna down and put it inside of your trunk. Push in your side view mirrors. If you have a customized spoiler in place, you should think about taking it off for the time being. Destruction is always a big possibility during the unpredictable and chaotic shipment process. If you want to keep your spoiler in strong condition, taking it off is likely your safest bet.

Assess Your Gasoline Tank

Don’t send your vehicle off on its merry way until you assess your gasoline tank. You don’t want your gas tank to be completely full. Aim for it to be 25 percent full instead. Full tanks can be a big problem during the transportation process. They can make your car significantly heavier. They can also add unnecessary carrier stress and pressure.

Invest in Spare Keys

It’s important to invest in spare keys for your car. Get spares for all of the car keys you use. Spare keys can give you the convenience of peace of mind. It can be a pain to get extra keys. That effort definitely pays off in the end, however.

Shut Convertible Tops

If you own a convertible, be sure to shut all of its windows and tops. Be sure they’re all fully secure as well. This is extremely important for safety purposes.

Be Meticulous and Detail-Oriented

Shipping a vehicle can take a lot of time and planning. That’s why you have to be meticulous and detail-oriented. You can’t be slapdash about the matter. If you’re lazy and avoid taking your car to the mechanic, you could end up with bigger hassles further on down the line. It could even result in the need for complex and costly professional repair service. You should do everything you can to make sure your vehicle is completely ready for shipment. You want it to be totally safe. You want it to be totally free of any items that may be meaningful to you or to anyone else as well. If you pay attention to these suggestions, your car shipment experience should be a positive one. You may even consider doing it again in the future. Vehicle shipment can be good for major relocations, lengthy trips and beyond.

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